Manager accused of stealing $160K from Embers

As general manager for Embers restaurant, Joshua Hamilton oversaw the business’ financial operations.

Now, though, he’s out of a job after he was accused of stealing $160,000 from the Madeira restaurant.

Hamilton, 35, of Maineville, is charged with aggravated theft, unauthorized use of property and tampering with records after Hamilton County prosecutors allege he cooked the books for over five years, stealing an average of about $30,000 per year.

Jon Zipperstein, owner of the business entity that owns the restaurant, refused comment Monday. Hamilton didn’t returns calls.

Court documents indicate Hamilton is accused of redoing meal payments, many in cash, made by servers and then pocketing the money.

“Every server is responsible for their own book of business” for that day, Assistant Prosecutor Bill Anderson said.

The allegations came to light in May when a discrepancy in one of the servers financial records for the night was discovered, involving an adjustment of a cash sale.

Cincinnati Enquirer |  6:26 PM, Dec. 19, 2011 

“The adjustment had been made after the servers’ book of business had been closed for the night,” court documents allege.

“There would be no (legal) reason for such an adjustment to be made. The adjustment was made by (Hamilton) using his personal access code.”

That led to an investigation that, court documents allege, uncovered such adjusted transactions made by Hamilton who then falsified restaurant financial documents “on a frequent, recurring basis” to try to cover his alleged thefts.

The case next is in court Feb. 8 and is set for a March 12 jury trial before Common Pleas Court Judge Pat DeWine.

The charges carry a maximum prison sentence of nine years.

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