ENDORSEMENT: Ohio Chamber of Commerce 5/16/16

Judge Pat DeWine Endorsed by Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Notes Judge DeWine’s judicial philosophy “guided by principle of judicial restraint”

Columbus – Earlier today, Judge Pat DeWine was notified by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce that its political action committee is endorsing his campaign for Ohio Supreme Court. In announcing the endorsement, Andrew E. Doehrel, President and CEO of the Ohio Chamber remarked that “Judge DeWine’s judicial philosophy is guided by the principle of judicial restraint”, and that Judge DeWine has written a number of opinions that support economic competitiveness in Ohio.

Speaking of the endorsement, Judge DeWine stated, “I am honored that the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has endorsed my campaign for the Ohio Supreme Court. The Chamber has long been a champion for thousands of small businesses in our state. I am pleased that it has recognized my commitment to a stable and predictable legal environment, fairness before the law, and judicial restraint.”

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce joins a growing number of groups, including the Ohio Farm Bureau and the Ohio State Medical Association, that have endorsed Judge DeWine.

The full press release from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, as well as more information on the organization, is included below.

Ohio Chamber PAC Endorses O’Connor, Fischer, and DeWine for Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) announced today its endorsement of Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor for re-election and the election of Judges Pat Fisher and Pat DeWine to the Ohio Supreme Court.

“During her tenure on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has demonstrated a strong commitment to interpreting laws and applying them as written, rather than legislating from the bench,” said Andrew E. Doehrel, President and CEO of the Ohio Chamber. “That commitment is critical for having a fair and predictable legal environment in Ohio, and we are pleased to again endorse her.”

Chief Justice O’Connor was endorsed by OCCPAC in 2002, 2008 and 2010. Her diverse background as an attorney, judge, prosecuting attorney and lieutenant governor have served her well as Ohio’s chief judicial office holder. The chief justice is running unopposed in November.

Judge Pat Fischer is running for the open seat created by the upcoming retirement of Justice Judith Lanzinger. “Judge Fischer’s judicial philosophy is consistent with the Ohio Chamber’s longstanding preference for candidates who do not attempt to legislate from the bench,” said Doehrel. Judge Fischer has spent more than two decades as an attorney in private practice. “Judge Fischer believes judges should enforce the constitution and statutes as written,” Doehrel continued. “We are proud to endorse a candidate who seeks bring consistency to the judicial process.”

Judge Pat DeWine is running for the open seat created by the upcoming retirement of Justice Paul Pfeifer. “Judge DeWine’s judicial philosophy is guided by the principle of judicial restraint, which OCCPAC agrees with,” Doehrel commented.

While serving on Ohio’s First District Court of Appeals, Judge DeWine has written a variety of opinions that resulted in favorable decisions which support economic competitiveness in Ohio in areas of law such as medical malpractice, discrimination, insurance, employment and workers’ compensation.

Justices on the seven-member Supreme Court are elected on a non-partisan basis to six-year terms. Their decisions can have a significant impact on Ohio’s economy, influencing the cost of goods and services, health care, education, and the general costs of running a business. The Ohio Chamber has been a leader in educating Ohioans about the importance of the court and is committed to performing this responsibility again in 2016.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is a champion for Ohio business so that our state enjoys economic growth and prosperity. With over 8,000 members, we have been the voice of business since 1893.



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